KPI Operations

Sample Metrics and Screenshots

This is a small sample of the metrics and graphical historic trends of your business that can be at your fingertips from anywhere in the world. Without KPI-Operations, most of these are not easily accessible in Quickbooks without time consuming exports, calculations and re-formats in spreadsheets. With KPI-Operations, these and any other custom metrics are all available instantly.  You'll spend more time making informed strategic decisions - not formatting data.

Gross Profit by Product, Service and Location
Quick Ratio
Gross Profit by Good Weather Day (for companies affected by weather)
Long-Term Debt Ration
Revenue by Good Weather Day (for companies affected by weather)
Debt/Equity Ratio
Team Member Effectiveness
Sales Team Member Close Ratio                                                  
Inventory Turnover
Team Member Follow Up Completion
Days Payables
Interest Coverage Ratio
Days Receivables
Return on Assets
Working Capital
Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)
Customer Acquisition Cost
Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Concentration Ratio
Current Ratio

  • Any other custom financial or operational metrics that can be derived from your Quickbooks data and/or readily accessible web source can be installed in your dashboard.
  • Screenshot sample from the financial tab of a client's dashboard (numbers scrambled):

  • Screenshot sample from a marketing tab of a client's dashboard:

  • Screenshot samples from an employee portal created for an aviation training company:  Each employee is able to log in, view progress toward team goals, view progress toward individual goals, view recent client activity, and record notes from  interactions with clients.  It's a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module that always has latest client activity information, is integrated with your accounting data, and avoids the high, per-user license fees that many cloud-based CRM applications charge. Management is able to monitor activities of all team members to ensure progress toward team and individual milestones.  This company also requested that industry-specific, custom operating metrics such as "ground ratio" and "conversion ratio" be automatically tracked for management monitoring of employee progress.  "Revenue per flyable day" was also built my syncing the dashboard with a proprietary Flyable Days database. Custom metrics can all be developed for your industry.  With the exception of employees needing to enter notes from their interactions with clients, all data updates automatically when entered into Quickbooks so that management can spend meeting time discussing productivity strategies instead of formatting and sifting through data.